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Jared Easter

Hey, everyone. My name is Jared Easter.

I’m an independent singer/songwriter and musician, 

I’d like to take just a moment to tell you my story so you’ll understand why I have such a passion to help music creators.

I grew up in a musical family…

My mom, dad, grandparents, even great grandparents all had this love for music, and they passed that down to me, the same way I encourage my own kids to find the peace and comfort that an instrument or song can bring.

I had such a passion for it as a kid that I couldn’t get enough.

No matter how many instruments I learned a tune on, I wondered what that melody might sound like on something I hadn’t tried yet, and I kept learning…

I’m 33 now and I’m STILL learning.

Really, I’m just beginning to understand just how little I know.

The thing that took me the longest time to figure out wasn’t making noise, that came naturally.

It was to STOP …and listen.

“I’ve spent the last 10 years of my professional career helping songwriters make the most out of their songs.”

I gave my input on what could make the melody better. I connected the right singer who could bring the song out of the mind of the writer and let them hear it for the first time, like they knew it could be.

When all of that was said and done, they would ask …

“What should I do now?”

And I heard their problem, but I didn’t truly listen.

I never put myself in their shoes.

I never tried to really see the struggle they were up against when they too often would set their sites on longing to hear their favorite artist sing their song on the radio.

Without a “magic connection” to make that happen, I would give them the advice I knew (Send e-mails, post on Facebook, show up to concerts, try to make a connection)…

…but then I would move on to the next customer.

I didn’t really listen to the problem until just a few years ago.

I started writing more on my own and I found out just how BIG the problem really is.

Not just to get a song in the right hands, but once you realize how hard the industry can be to navigate, to find the motivation to write at all!

I explained some of these problems to my best friend, Steve.

And we started chipping away at the small things that we could do something about, until we started to build a little community of independent writers and recording artists.

Once we had a few more people that saw our vision for how things could be, it got easier and easier to develop a solution for the next problem on our list.

We’re still far from the end of the list of problems left to be solved, but something has happened along the way that I’m so excited about.

“I’m optimistic to write again!”

And not only am I chomping at the bit to write my next song and share it with this new community… other writers are too!

And that passionate songwriting has independent artists asking us how we can help connect them to the perfect writer for them, to the perfect song.

My favorite writer will always be my Grandpa.

The messages he and his brothers put down in song will be a comfort to me and my kids for years to come.

Songs matter. Songwriters matter.

And if YOU have a song you’d like to write, you should do that.

If you need help, we have a community ready to help you. And if you’d like someone to hear your song, we’re ready to listen!

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