Test Drive and Recording Request Terms

These terms and conditions must be understood and agreed to in order to submit a “test drive” or “recording request” form. Please read them carefully and check the agreement box on the corresponding from if and only if you agree to the below terms.


    1. The user agrees that the songwriter holds the copyright to the song and must agree to release the song for first release to the artist(s) of their choosing.
    2. The artist(s) must pay a $300 fee for the first release of the song, as well as file any necessary mechanical licenses.
    3. The artist(s) must use the song in accordance with all applicable copyright laws and obtain any necessary permissions or licenses for its use.
    4. The artist(s) must credit the songwriter as the copyright holder for any use of the song.
    5. The artist(s) may not reproduce, distribute, or sell the song without having obtained the mechanical license from the songwriter (for commercial release).
    6. The terms and conditions of this agreement may be modified by the songwriter at any time, and it is the artist’s responsibility to stay informed of any changes.
    7. By using our website to obtain the first release of the song, the artist(s) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.