Every day, professional and amateur songwriters alike submit their songs to producers, musicians, and singers to compose a “demo” that transforms words on paper into a clear vision of something you might hear on the radio…

If those songs are picked up by a recording artist, those demo tracks (costing hundreds of dollars to produce) are left by the wayside.

And far too often, the connection isn’t made between the songwriter and artist… Leaving the songs (and professional tracks) unrecorded.

But this doesn’t make sense!

We have spent COUNTLESS hours in the recording studio with talented up-and-coming bands and soloists who don’t have any new, original music to work with!

For even the most professional and talented songwriters, very few of their songs get picked up by a well-known artist…and the rest go somewhere to die…

So what happens…?

Artists end up recording Karaoke CD’s full of songs everyone already knows!

We are revolutionizing the way song demos are created, and shared with the rest of the creative world!

Here at BuyDemoTracks.com, not only can you obtain and submit professionally recorded performance tracks, but you can also obtain production files such as Multi-Track stems for custom production in a studio of your choice, Nashville number charts, recording leases and more!

Here’s How to Get Started


All you have to do is click the button below to learn more information about how we are helping songwriters, and how you can start getting your original songs shared to our platform for artists to use.

Recording Artists!

All you have to do is search our Track Library, find a song you like, and purchase it! If additional Stems, Charts, or add-ons are available, they will be easily accessible during the purchase process.