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It All Starts With a Great Demo

We’re the world’s premiere demo studio for Bluegrass and Southern Gospel songwriters.

I absolutely love working with Jared and the team at They do everything from Southern Gospel demos to VERY good and commercial Bluegrass demos for us here at Daywind Publishing/Billy Blue Publishing. I highly recommend using them for all your demo needs. They can help bring your song to life!

Joe Dan Cornett

Daywind/Billy Blue Records

Want the exact steps to help achieve your goals as a songwriter?

Why Choose Us?

Most songs never make it out of the writer’s notebook, and even if they do, it’s rare their music will ever get recorded.

Having spent decades in the music industry, we’ve learned many things, but one lesson stands out above the rest: No matter your goals, it ALL starts with a great demo.

For years now, we’ve been providing radio-ready, studio quality demo recordings for the bluegrass and southern gospel music genres. And while a great demo is the starting point, it’s not the end goal. Clients have often asked, “Ok, I’ve got my demo, so what’s next?”

Most studios don’t have an answer for that question, but we do. That’s what makes working with us so unique. 

When you work with us at, we follow a three-step process:

  1. Record Your Demo. Record the demo with a production quality that makes it ready for the airwaves.
  2. Release Your Demo. We believe songwriters shouldn’t have to wait around for the song to get picked up.
  3. Promote Your Demo. Once your demo is released, it should be shared with the world, far and wide.

This three-step process informs everything we do. We’ve been crafting unique solutions to help songwriters get their songs into the hands of more people, and would love to have that conversation with you.

But remember, it all starts with a great demo. Click here to start your demo now.

Listen to the difference.

The below worktape is a song written by one of our clients. Play the worktape, then the demo, to hear the difference once we’ve helped the songwriter produce the song and record it in our studio.

Curious if your song is ready for a demo?

Looking for new songs?

Our demo library is the go to source online for new, original bluegrass and southern gospel music. Here are some of the most popular. View our full library to find the perfect song(s) for your project!

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Her Helping Hands

03:194/472 BPM

Jump Mountain

02:534/4130 BPM

I Will Praise Him In The Valley

03:154/470 BPM

God Will Restore

03:534/4119 BPM

Work While It’s Day

04:043/4140 BPM

Get On Board

02:32110 BPM

What We Believe

Your Demo Should be Findable Online

Every demo we record for clients can be found in our demo library. This is a searchable library that can be found on the Internet and filtered through for artists to find the perfect song right when they need it.

Your Demo Should be Radio Quality

We can create custom top-quality performance tracks and demos using our team of skilled producers, musicians and singers. Our interactive online platform makes it easy for creators to bring their ideas to life in a seamless process.

Influencers are the Way of the Future

We offer independent artists and influencers the chance to request a “Test Drive” of our unreleased songs. If they gain traction with their audience, they could then produce a version for national distribution and sync licensing.

You Shouldn't Wait Around to Share Your Song

Most songwriters record a demo then pitch it to potential artists, sometimes waiting years for a song to get traction (if ever). We think songwriters should release the song themselves. Ask us how to make this a reality.

Songwriters Should Be Paid Well

Most people don’t realize how underpaid songwriters are or how many costs come out of their pocket. We help songwriters directly monetize through digital distribution, subscription relationships, and track sales.

You Should Self-Produce Your Songs

We provide expert mentorship to help songwriters succeed without sacrificing independence and creative control. We don’t just record your demo. We work with you to record, release, and promote the best song possible.