Listing a Song

BDT+ Subscription

Our new BDT+ subscription offers valuable benefits for songwriters, including the ability to list your song in our growing library of demos. This will give you access to a wider audience and help you gain exposure for your music. In addition to this, BDT+ includes access to exclusive resources and opportunities that will help you take your songwriting to the next level. Sign up today and start making the most of your talent.

Song Library

With our new “BDT+” subscription, you will have the ability to get song upload credits to list your demo in our growing library. This is a great opportunity for aspiring writers to gain visibility and an audience for their songs. 

  • Increased exposure for your music
  • Avanced search and filter features will ensure artists can find your song

Songwriter Tools

As a subscriber, you’ll also be able to join our monthly Songwriter Series webinars and connect with other songwriters on our Co-writer Forum. Plus, you’ll get a custom Songwriter page where you can showcase your work. Additionally, BDT+ subscribers are eligible for exclusive deals on production services at BDT Studios.

  • Custom Songwriter Page
  • Songwriter Series Webinars
  • Co-writer Forum
  • Exclusive Deals on Demo Production 

Promote and earn 

As a BDT+ subscriber, your unused song upload credits never expire and your songs never expire on our site. This means that your songs could continue to earn you income through the sale of the soundtrack, exclusive release agreements, and more. You’ll receive 50% of all sales on, while also maintaining all existing copyrights and traditional song royalties. Sign up now to take advantage of these benefits.

Artists & Performers


Our song library is constantly updating with new songs being added daily! When you’re in an album cycle and looking for new music, we’ll have a curated, searchable list waiting for you. Our platform even allows you to find exactly what you are looking for with filter options like topic, genre, tempo, key, time signature, and lyrics. Whether you are looking for that perfect song for your upcoming production, live performance, or recording, is the place for you.


Like what you hear, but want to make it your own? When you work with us, you can request recording rights and purchase the mixed and mastered soundtrack for your next project. We also offer exciting tools like multi-track stems for the ability to take away or add your own instruments or vocals and create something that is truly unique.