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Get exclusive access to a supportive community of songwriters

With BDT+, you’ll become part of a tight-knit community of like-minded songwriters who understand your passion and share your dreams. This invaluable network will provide you with the inspiration, feedback, and motivation you need to elevate your songwriting career. You’ll not only grow as a writer but also forge lasting relationships with peers who genuinely care about your success.

Get powerful tools to create and showcase your music

BDT+ offers cutting-edge tools designed specifically for songwriters, such as the exclusive “Build My Demo” tool and SongRadar. These powerful resources enable you to create professional-quality demos, fine-tune your songwriting skills, and showcase your work to the right audience, every time. BDT+ empowers you to present your music in the best possible light, helping you stand out in a competitive industry and attract the attention of artists, collaborators, and fans alike.

Get opportunities to collaborate and earn income from your songs

BDT+ opens up a world of collaboration opportunities, from the Co-writer Forum to partnerships with successful recording artists. By working with others, you’ll not only create better music but also expand your network and increase your chances of success in the industry. Additionally, BDT+ enables you to earn income through the sale of your demo track assets, providing you with the financial support you need to pursue your passion and realize your full creative potential.

“At long last a platform where Songwriters can promote their music, monetize their demos, Artists can find new original material to record…and much, much more!”
- Rick Lang, Chairman, IBMA Songwriting Committee

Step 1: Sign up for BDT+ subscription

Unleash your songwriting potential by joining the BDT+ community. Experience a world of exclusive resources tailored specifically for ambitious songwriters like you.

Step 2: Upload your songs and worktapes

Showcase your talent by sharing your unique creations with the BDT+ community. Easily upload your songs and worktapes to reach a broader audience and make a lasting impact.

Step 3: Connect and Access Exclusive Tools

Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of passionate songwriters. Gain access to innovative tools, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and exchange invaluable insights to elevate your craft.

Step 4: Collaborate, Create, and Grow

Seize every opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists and industry professionals. Empower yourself to create outstanding music, expand your network, and propel your songwriting career to new heights.

What you get when you sign up for BDT+ today

Receive 1 Song+Track Upload Credit every month

So you can consistently showcase your talent, which means skyrocketing your chances of being discovered by industry professionals and turning your dreams into reality.

Enjoy UNLIMITED Worktape Uploads

So you can wake up every day, write fantastic music, and INSTANTLY share it with the world, which means more opportunities to get your songs into the right hands and fuel your growth as a writer.

Benefit from advanced search and filter features

So your song can effortlessly be found by the right artists, which means reaching your target audience and making life-changing connections in the industry.

Access the exclusive “Build My Demo” tool

Access the exclusive “Build My Demo” tool, so you can craft professional-quality demos that'll blow people away, which means standing out in the competitive music industry and getting your voice heard.

Showcase your work on a custom songwriter page

So you can proudly present a cohesive portfolio, which means attracting potential collaborators and fans who'll adore your unique sound.

Join the monthly Songwriter Series Webinar

So you can learn from industry experts and elevate your craft, which means honing your skills and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing music landscape.

Participate in the Co-writer Forum

So you can collaborate with fellow songwriters, which means creating better music, expanding your network, and sharing unforgettable creative experiences.

Earn income through the sale of your track assets

So you can financially support your passion and thrive, which means more time and resources to pour into your music and shape the career you've always wanted.

Receive a custom Affiliate Link and Code

So you can passionately promote BDT+ to others, which means earning commissions, building a passive income stream, and empowering others to chase their dreams too.

Get regular emails with hard-won advice from pros

So you can refine your songwriting and marketing strategies, which means MAXIMIZING your chances of success and leaving your mark on the music world.

Access the upcoming video library of tips from the pros

So you can learn about writing, recording, and music lessons, which means becoming a "well-rounded, unstoppable force" in the music industry.

Have your song featured on the 24/7 digital radio network (coming soon!)

So you can reach new audiences and share your message, which means greater exposure, more opportunities, and the chance to inspire countless listeners.

Use “sounds like” tags (coming soon!) to connect your song to popular artists

So you can attract fans of similar styles, which means growing your fanbase, increasing your chances of getting noticed, and ultimately, making your musical dreams come true.

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