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Work While It’s Day

Full Track Available
04:043/4140 BPM

Get On Board

Full Track Available
02:32110 BPM

What You Leave Behind

Full Track Available
02:264/4105 BPM

Curated Songs

Get a tailored list of polished, professional new songs from established, upcoming, and undiscovered songwriters.

Complete Control Recording

Get access to the industry’s top producers, musicians, and vocalists to produce Your Music, Your Way.

Make Songs Your Own

Download multi-track stems, giving you the flexibility you need to make every song you perform and record your own!

Keep Your Royalties

You still own your song! Retain 100% of any and all existing royalties, and receive ongoing revenue from the downloads of your soundtrack, multi-track files, and recording rights!

Get Paid for Your Songs

Great artists need great songs, but today, songwriters are paid last (if at all). Our method pays writers first through Song Reservations and assists with traditional licensing.

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Upload your professional demo to our site so that our growing audience of recording artists can discover, perform, and record your songs!

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Create • Promote • Montetize

Create is your one stop shop! If you’ve written a song and need a custom demo created, you can do so using BDT Studios. You will have the opportunity to have industry leading vocalists and musicians to play on your song! Included in the price of your demo is our in-house producers, musicians, and arrangers, as well as professional mixing, mastering, and vocal pitch correction (if applicable).


Our new BDT+ subscription offers valuable benefits for songwriters, including the ability to list your song in our growing library of demos. This will give you access to a wider audience and help you gain exposure for your music. In addition to this, BDT+ includes access to exclusive resources and opportunities that will help you take your songwriting to the next level. Sign up today and start making the most of your talent.


You get paid first. With your approval, artists can pay to reserve your song, obtain a recording lease to use your soundtrack, the multitrack files from your demo and more. You will receive 50% of all sales on for an incredible opportunity to earn passive income on the investment in your song, while maintaining 100% ownership of your song and all copyrights.

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Discover • Customize


Our groundbreaking demo library is changing the way songs get pitched. For the first time ever, artists can browse our public library to find and select undiscovered first-release songs. When you’re in an album cycle and looking for new music, we’ll have a curated, searchable list waiting for you. Our platform even allows you to find exactly what you are looking for with filter options like topic, genre, tempo, key, time signature, and lyrics. Whether you are looking for that perfect song for your upcoming production, live performance, or recording, is the place for you.


Like what you hear, but want to make it your own? When you work with us, you can request recording rights and purchase the mixed and mastered soundtrack for your next project. We also offer exciting tools like multi-track stems for the ability to take away or add your own instruments or vocals and create something that is truly unique. 

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Overwhelmed with song pitches?

Refer those writers to us and receive an affiliate income while we work with the writer to produce the best song possible.

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