How to Become an Affiliate for

We created to be a “win-win” for everyone in the music industry.

And while that might sound like a lofty goal (and it is!), we wholeheartedly believe that it’s possible.

If you didn’t know, there are a few important ways that we serve the music community:

  • We provide artists with an extensive library of original songs, complete with publishing/mechanical license information. And you can even purchase the actual soundtracks to use in your performance or project.
  • We provide songwriters with an unprecedented opportunity to have their music seen by new and established artists, while at the same time receiving royalties based on downloads of their demo tracks. We even provide songwriting education to help you grow as a writer.
  • We provide both artists and songwriters with a demo production studio to make sure you have the highest quality demo tracks possible. This includes special access to highly sought-after musicians, vocalists, and producers.
  • We partner with recording studios to give their clients an outlet for sharing and promoting their music, and collaborate with them to assist with demo track production and recording.
  • We partner with publishing companies to not only give their artists a music distribution platform like no other, but also to make it easy for folks to request mechanical license information and make sure everyone is paid accurately for their work.

Believe it or not, though, there’s another way that everyone can be involved: the BDT Affiliate Program.

What is the BDT Affiliate Program?

You can click here to learn the details of our affiliate program.

In short, BDT affiliates have the opportunity to get paid for helping others get started with

Affiliates get the chance to earn passive income and work closely alongside us to improve the music industry and provide songwriters and artists with more opportunity than ever before.

How the Program Works

The best part? It’s super easy to get started and begin earning immediately.

First, you visit our affiliate registration page to request an affiliate account. From there, you will receive an email confirming your request, and we will receive an email letting us know you would like to sign up.

As soon as your affiliate request is approved, you will be notified and directed to log in into your affiliate area.

That’s where the magic happens. In the affiliate area, you will see a special link that you can use when sending folks over to It will look something like this:

When anyone visits using your link, it automatically places a “cookie” on the user’s browser for 30 days. So, if that person makes a purchase of any kind on for the next 30 days, you will receive 20% of that purchase amount.

Payouts happen every 60 days to the PayPal account you indicated during your registration.

It’s really that simple.

You may also be contacted by a BDT representative to participate in our Partner Program. In addition to your affiliate account and link, if you are invited into our Partner Program, you will receive the following:

  • A custom URL for your link (for example,
  • A 10% discount coupon code to give out. This code would give the purchaser a 10% discount and credit you with the 20% affiliate commission.
  • More perks TBD.

To put this in very simple terms, if you interact regularly with folks in the music industry who could use a service like, you have the opportunity to make as much passive income as you want.

You don’t have to lift a finger. Just give out your link and/or code, and receive payouts from us every 60 days.

Can Anyone Be an Affiliate?

Currently, we do not place any limitations on who can/should sign up for an affiliate account.

We want to spread far and wide, so most who apply for this program will likely be approved.

That said, though, we will individually vet each person who has requested an account to make sure they are a good fit, and we would be proud to have them affiliated with

At this time, our Partner Program is invite only and, in full-disclosure, is usually going to be offered to full-time performers, writers, studios, and industry influencers.

Specific Affiliate Examples

To remove any doubt, I thought I would share a few specific examples of how you could use the affiliate program to make passive income.


Artists and performers are constantly being presented with new materials from aspiring songwriters. It’s nothing to come home from a trip from with dozens of CD’s piled up in the front of the bus.

Of course, it would be impossible to comb through all of this music looking for a diamond in the rough.

What if, instead, you began using as the place to discover new music? You could tell aspiring songwriters that uploading their songs with BDT is the very best chance they have to get their song heard and discovered.

Let us do the hard work of filtering and contextualizing their songs so that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Simply direct the songwriter to and tell them to use your coupon code or custom URL. You will get 20% credit for the sale, the songwriter will get 10% off the purchase (if you’re in the Partner Program), and they’d now be in a library where you—and other artists—could find their music.

Like I said, “win-win” for everyone.


As you probably know, songwriting is a very collaborative practice. Even though songwriters are technically in competition with one another, they often come together to write some of the very best new music.

We firmly believe that every songwriter should list their music on

So as you work with other writers to create new music, why not spread the word about BDT as you do it? You will receive 20% every time someone makes a purchase using your code or link, and if you’re a Partner, your colleagues would also receive 10% off across the site.

If other writers are impressed with your demos and ask where you have them recorded, you could give them your coupon code and make a profit every time they purchase a demo.

Recording Professional

As true recording studio nerds, we are especially passionate about the opportunities for recording pros to earn money by working with

You know as well as I do that every time you record a singer-songwriter, they want to know, “What’s next?”

I know the pain of not having a great answer to that question for the artists we were working with. BDT is the answer to the question.

You can earn passive income every time your artist purchases one of our song upload packs. Simply direct them to, give them your code or URL, and you’ll be credited 20% for the sale (and of course, your artist will receive 10% off if you’re a Partner).

Beyond that, your artist will now have (1) the opportunity to have their song discovered by one of the artists using our site to find new music, and (2) the opportunity to earn passive income themselves by making their demos available for sale!

And right in the center of that relationship is you, the recording professional, earning every time they purchase with your code.

Music Industry Influencer

Let’s say you are a concert promoter, the owner of a music publication, or perhaps have a TV production featuring music artists. could “sponsor” your concert, publication, or production, and you would receive 20% commission on every single sale from folks who have used your special code or URL.

As you already know, industry professionals are voracious consumers of your content, so the opportunity to create an additional revenue income stream at scale is massive.

Music Fan/Follower

You might ask, Steve, I’m not any of these! I just love music! Is there anything in this for me?

And of course, the answer is YES. As long as you are approved, you will receive an affiliate link that you can share with anyone and everyone to use!

Once again, just register here, and if you’re approved, you can start earning 20% every time someone uses your link and makes a purchase on the site.


I hope you can see how incredible the opportunity is to work with us.

We truly believe that will change the music industry forever, and we invite you to become a part of it.

There’s a disconnect between the way songwriters and performers create music. We’ve spent our entire lives in the music industry and have seen firsthand how difficult it is to pitch that song you’re so proud of AND we’ve seen how hard it can be to find great songs for that upcoming project. So, was created to help change the way we write, create, and record music together forever.

It all starts with a great demo. Once we record your radio-ready demo, we’ll have a conversation with you about the next steps to achieve your goals as a songwriter.

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